| Redesign

Unfortunately, there is no English version for this video. But I'll describe a little bit of the project below.


Launched one week before the Olympic Games, in 2008, the new was designed with one goal in mind: to figure on the list of the top 20 Brazilian sports portals in terms of audience and search relevance. 

But, differently from other Brazilian portals that normally focus only on soccer (you know, a national passion), ESPN wanted to be relevant for both the soccer follower and the badminton fanatic. The answer was found on the most visited website at the time: the search engine.

The main navigational element on the new ESPN portal was a search box, that invited the sports fan to type anything on it using their own vocabulary. To find their favorite soccer team, users could either type its official name ("Corinthians") or the name that its fans normally use ("Timão"). For each keyword, a whole new website appeared.


As you may have noticed, huge weight-optimized images were the key to build a very visual and pleasant experience for the user - different from every other news portal at the time.

The case study was presented in the same year at EBAI (a Brazilian congress for Information Architects). Below you can find the deck that Silvia Melo and I presented at the event.